Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Confessions of a Social Media Junkie

Those of you who read my blog regularly are well aware that I am a social media whore user. Those of you new people who may be followers of @jennicake on Twitter and have stumbled into the blog of @dlegas05, welcome. She makes me sound pretty interesting...hope I can deliver for you. (Also, if you are a blog regular, follow her on Twitter. Do it.)

Since there may be this major influx smattering of new readers coming it, I figured this was a good time to re-introduce myself and publish the bio I wrote for a PRSA-YP profile that never made it to print. It ties directly to the content in this blog and the link I have to USC (and, thus, the folks who brought you here).

Dale is a Sr. Account Executive at the David James Agency, a boutique agency focused on cutting-edge high tech. As a former baseball player at USC, Dale brings to his work a tangible competitive streak that greatly benefits his client base of primarily startup and emerging companies.

In his SAE role, Dale has handled media and analyst relations for a number of B2B accounts ranging from semiconductor and enterprise software companies to network systems integrators—all the while being amazed at the number of high tech companies located right here in the greater Los Angeles area.

Even growing up locally in Burbank, Dale shared prevailing perception that high tech was completely dominated by Silicon Valley. However, with only one northern California-based client, it's clear that tech is alive and well all up and down the west coast, and he's confident that the DJA is in a great spot to thrive right along with it.

On weekends in the spring, you can find Dale on high school baseball diamonds sharing his passion and imparting his competitive fire on the freshman team at his alma mater, Crespi Carmelite. He splits the rest of his free time among spending it with friends, trying to learn new songs on one of his four guitars and complaining about the lack of a playoff in college football.

For the record, it's weird writing in the third person.

But the major takeaway is that I am a former USC baseball player who is now a tech geek PR guy dealing with all kinds of complicated stuff I never knew existed before. I broke this down in a post when I was added to the PRSA-YP blogroll, but as you peruse, you will see client-inspired tech acronym explanations, general musings about sports-related topics, rants about non-sports related stuff, articles, songs and some actual real-life issues.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and please feel free to leave comments. I love comments. I love them so much I removed the obnoxious "word" verification thing. Even when you're telling me that I'm an idiot.


  1. "Rickey don't talk in the third part." Also, I love that Rickey's wiki features him in a Mets uni. Should be up playing cards with Bobby Bonilla though.

  2. Doode, no "free time" for la familia? j/k

  3. i'm sorry...i can add in something about washing windows