Friday, March 2, 2012

Baseball People Everywhere Owe J.P. Arencibia

As baseball fans everywhere rejoice that the absolute joke that is the NBA can be pushed to the back burner now that everyone has reported for the spring, we can turn our attention to our other passion that is tangential to the field--hating on the mind-numbing commentary that comes from ESPN. If you've ever muted your TV the minute you saw Tim Kurkjian on it (and who hasn't?!), then J.P. Arencibia is your hero. Aside from being a big league catcher and Twitter superstar which already make him a certified badass, he absolutely blew Kurkjian up on national TV.

Take a look:

Bravo, J.P. Bravo. And as I stated on Facebook and Twitter, if he has, in fact, ruined Kurkjian's TV career, Arencibia should go into Cooperstown immediately.