Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogroll Addition of the Day

Discovered this fine gentleman this evening when he retweeted my quip about the basketball team giving up fewer points than the football team:

@uscpsycho I laugh. I cry. RT @dlegas05: and in a bizarre turn of events, USC's basketball team may give up fewer points than the football team :(

That's right, Trojan fans. It's the dude who's been front and center at every USC football game since USC opened Pandora's box hired Paul Hackett as its coach (and probably before). I watched games with pops long before I ever signed and went there, and this guy was there with his signature USC SYCO California license plate.

Well, he has a blog. He's archived his travels and experiences watching the Trojans everywhere all over the country. It's a unique perspective and a pretty entertaining read. Check him out. Leave him some comments. Follow him on Twitter!


  1. Let the good times (blog) roll! We're a basketball school now. ha

  2. better winning percentage than the bruins...take a picture. pretty sure it's all downhill from here.