Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I don't hate the Yankees...

I hate people's excessive fawning over them when it's a product of them not knowing the game. Props to Keown for breaking it down simply by illustrating one example of good, smart baseball being packaged as something superhuman. Derek Jeter is an incredibly smart baseball player, but he's not the only one in this series (let alone the big leagues) who would have made that play. This is an indictment of the coverage of this series and, really, the sports media as a whole.

The people reporting on sports don't know the games on which they are reporting. A first baseman trailing a runner and calling for a backpick is not uncommon. I get on my freshmen if they DON'T do that. I could cite a million different examples of this, but the point is that commentary has actually gotten to the point of detracting from the game and making fans dumber. Stop it. Most fans are dumb enough already.

Debunking the Church of Jeter

By Tim Keown, espn.com

Here's one reason so many people love to hate the Yankees: The lovefest for Derek Jeter knows no bounds. It's natural to attempt to find fault with a guy who is constantly praised to the heavens and beyond, and that's why so many people get so excited in the effort.

And this isn't a criticism, just an observation: If I had watched Bobby Abreu's Game 3 baserunning mistake -- back-picked at second by Jeter and Mark Teixeira in the bottom of the 8th -- with the sound down on the television, I would have considered it a perfect example of the Yankees' ability to execute defensively. They're pros.

But since the sound was on, it's a different story. We were shown replays of the play and told over and over how brilliant Jeter is because he thought the play was at third but the play ended up being at second and there was nobody there to tell him.

Nobody there? Really? Even though Teixeira was right there to take the throw and apply the tag? I mean, let's get real: Jeter is a great player, but sometimes things happen on the field -- really cool things -- that don't center on him.

Teixeira followed the runner, just like every first baseman is supposed to do but not all do. He was right there. He made the play. Jeter would be the first to admit that.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Just In from...Boston

Got some sweet headlines from Alex and wanted to pass them along. Her blog usually has nothing to do with baseball, but check it out anyway!

Love it!

Article of the Day - SJ Going Home

Stafon Johnson to Head Home

By: Jonathan Lloyd
Updated 8:13 AM PDT, Wed, Oct 14, 2009

Two weeks after a heavily loaded barbell fell on his throat, USC tailback Stafon Johnson plans to leave the hospital

Doctors called Johnson's progress remarkable, considering his throat and larynx were almost completely crushed by the bar. He was expected to go home Wednesday.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Word of the Day - "Semantics"

A conversation with my guest blogger:

me: semantics
Sarah: HAHAH
Sarah: i love that you and i are the only two that know what that means
me: my status or the word semantics?
Sarah: semantics
me: is it an indictment of my life that i always want to spell that word symantecs?
Sarah: HAHAH

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Article of the Day - Revenge is Sweep

Revenge is sweep for the Angels

They rally in the ninth inning to eliminate the Red Sox and advance to AL Championship Series.

Reporting from Boston - The Angels danced all over their demons Sunday, and when they were done with their little jig on the Fenway Park field, they drowned them in beer and champagne.

In the ancient stadium where their pennant hopes usually go to die, the Angels came to life in dramatic fashion, scoring five runs in the last two innings for a stunning 7-6 American League division series-clinching victory over the Boston Red Sox.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Article of the Day - Stafon Johnson Update

A few more of the scary details of what all went on during surgery, but the biggest news is that the progress and the prognosis are both still very good. Also, the doctor noted he's had an extremely positive attitude...as though we would expect anything less :)

USC football: Surgeons update Stafon Johnson's condition

October 9, 2009 | 3:29 pm

Several USC players visited tailback Stafon Johnson at the hospital today after the Trojans completed their final bye-week practice.

Two surgeons who were part of the team that operated on Johnson after a weightlifting accident on Sept. 28 issued a statement today about his injuries and recovery.

Drs. Jason S. Hamilton and Ryan F. Osborne said:

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Monday, October 5, 2009

I Need Help!

I need a Halloween costume idea, but not just any Halloween costume idea. I need something legit. The last three years, I've had solid costumes, and with it falling on a Saturday this year, I gotta follow up. One idea I've kicked around was Jimi Hendrix, but I cut my hair, so that won't work.

Possible partners in crime could be Jordt or Gina (depending upon a number of factors like whether or not people are in town, how things go over the course of the month, whether or not ARob actually has a party, etc.). Put your thinking caps on, folks. Movie/TV characters, rock stars, generic things...I'm open to any and all ideas. For reference, here are photographs of my last three costumes:



2006 (This pic kinda sucks, but it's all I've got...sorry)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Too Tired...

I wanted to write a post ripping Brett Favre and the way his whole multiple debacles have been covered by the fawning sports media, but I'm too tired. Go Aaron Rodgers! (Hopefully he fares better than his alma mater did yesterday.)

Regardless, the real main event at the dome doesn't happen until Tuesday. I don't care if you like baseball or not. Tune into at least a part of that game and hear how loud it is. Go Twinkies.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Video of the Day - To Jordt...

Because he's a goo guy! Why you have to be mad?!

And because Canadian slappy stick season starts this weekend.