Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Article of the Day - PRSA-LA YP Board

It's not really an article, but it's the posting of the new Young Professionals Board of PRSA-LA that appeared on "The Next Generation," PRSA-LA YP's blog.

President and PRSA-LA Liaison
Kerry Slaughter
Chandler Chicco Agency

Vice President
Kristin Wood
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Program Co-Chairs
Eva Groves
Hill & Knowlton

Amy Pandya

Communications Co-Chairs
Dale Legaspi
The David James Agency

Jessica Barraco
Excel Public Relations Group

Membership Chair
Caitlin Mattias
Consensus Planning Group

Ashley Montopoli
Chandler Chicco Agency

Collegiate Outreach Chair
Dillon Bianchi

Professional Outreach
Medhanie Habte

Trevett Chair
Jessica Peres
State Farm Insurance

Yes, you read that correctly. I am one of the communications chairs. I was bullied into it by the intimidating quartet of Amy, Ashley, Kerry and Kristin. It also means that if/when you read anything off of this, there is a good possibility that I wrote it...or at least posted it.

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