Monday, October 5, 2009

I Need Help!

I need a Halloween costume idea, but not just any Halloween costume idea. I need something legit. The last three years, I've had solid costumes, and with it falling on a Saturday this year, I gotta follow up. One idea I've kicked around was Jimi Hendrix, but I cut my hair, so that won't work.

Possible partners in crime could be Jordt or Gina (depending upon a number of factors like whether or not people are in town, how things go over the course of the month, whether or not ARob actually has a party, etc.). Put your thinking caps on, folks. Movie/TV characters, rock stars, generic things...I'm open to any and all ideas. For reference, here are photographs of my last three costumes:



2006 (This pic kinda sucks, but it's all I've got...sorry)


  1. Do you have a white girl friend? You could really rock the Jon and Kate Plus 8 thing. Just wear some Ed Hardy and fake earrings, then attach some cheap baby dolls from the 99-cent store. Boom. Clutch.

  2. pirate: solid backup plan; outstanding call on being that douche jon, but that would require me wearing an $80 ed hardy t-shirt that i don't own. paying that kind of cheddar to look like an absolute tool is tough to justify...

  3. dont' they sell ed hardy shirts at costco now? or you can just take an old print t you have and splatter paint :) same thing right?

  4. or i could just go to dargan's and steal one from any of a number of their fine upstanding patrons

  5. Jimi is a good idea. Whatever happened to that fake afro wig you once had? with the old psychedelic vest in the closet that would be legit.

  6. How about dressing up as a Colorado Rockies fan?

  7. too close to last year's costume...i was a doyers fan

  8. Ideas:
    Secret Service agent
    1980's Wrestler
    NASCAR driver w/ Shopping Stock Car
    Count Jockula (fangs, cape, jock strap and nothing else)
    Beer Knight
    Construction worker (gay or strait)
    Super Man
    White trash
    Karate Kid
    Pamplona running of the bulls outfit
    a "TOOL" Similar to the goslin but without the baby. or multiple polos at the same time all with popped collars and glasses