Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Article(s) of the Day - PRSA Quality Time

Just noticed that these hit the Interweb in the last couple days/weeks. Good times!

Saturday Shift: PRSA Quality Time Event
What do supporting underprivileged children in Mexico, giving up a year of one’s youth to serve the community, helping others battle through addiction and saving the arts in the face of education budget cuts and stiff competition have in common?

On one sunny Saturday in October, the answer was the Public Relations Society of America—specifically PRSA’s “Quality Time with PR Minds” event.

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What'd you do this weekend?
Guest blog post from PRSA-LA YP member Dale Legaspi:

It’s a common question asked on Mondays in offices everywhere. A few weeks ago, though, my answer was an enthusiastic “work!” The quotes are certainly apropos, though, as I “worked” at PRSA’s Quality Time with PR Minds event, which was certainly nothing that resembled the weekday norm. I could not be happier with my decision to participate, and I wasn’t alone.

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