Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's a Celebration! (Kind of)

I had designs on putting together an aggregated history of the DL on this momentous occasion of my angry defection from myspace its first birthday (even though this is a rather nondescript 191st post), but that's just not going to happen. This week has included pitching a story of a multi-vendor latency/features test of a 48-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch that scales to offer data center architects the density necessary to enable cloud computing. Apparently, the pitch went over so well with one pub that it decided to break my embargo. (The full announcement doesn't go until Monday.)

Now, in this gent's defense, this is not exactly his area, and it was a mistake that he pulled quickly. But as my gchat status said, when the morning starts at 6-something with a broken embargo, it does not bode well. Small victories by getting a major analyst firm to agree to stop by the Fulcrum booth next week at SC09, but other than that, the day was rough.

On the way home I called Ganser, with whom I have been playing phone tag, and found out that there is some crazy all-you-can-eat deal on Thursday nights at Acapulco. So, I met him over there crushed some ridiculous amount of Mexican food, rolled back to see his new place and have a beer. This now brings me to this which I am trying to write a blog post but have pretty much zero motivation to do so.

So...happy birthday, DL from DL. Congrats on one year and 191 (mostly inane) posts about sports, work, tech, friends, family, fortune cookies, songs, articles, rants, raves and just general stupidity. It's been real, and...let's not kid ourselves. We'll be right back here tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday DL from DL! Because of you, I know about cloud computing, all things underrated and AP style. 191 posts in a year isn't too shabby--here's to beating the record in year #2! :) (This comment is your b-day prezzie--enjoy it!)

  2. And the comment is written in AP style. No kittens were harmed in the writing of that comment. The DL thanks you!

  3. Keeping kicking it, DL. I can't believe I was the first comment and here we are a year later. Also, MySpace still sucks. Do it.