Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Myspace Sucks

Myspace sucks. In fact, the reason this blog even exists is that extreme suckitude of that aforementioned bastard child of Web 2.0. More than once I have attempted to post my thoughts in the blog section of that godforsaken site and been denied because their servers are overloaded with the useless surveys, photos, videos and other musings of sexually frustrated teenagers and the child molesters looking for them. I've had it. Time for the blog function to stand on its own merit. I present to you, "The DL from DL."

Over time, I will be exercising my social media skills and hopefully entertaining you all in the process. Transferring blogs over from the 'space will be part of this, but for tonight, I'll leave it at this welcome blog and the one I couldn't post tonight. I love feedback. Props, constructive criticism, blatant and non-constructive criticism...whatever. Bring it!

Later, y'all.


  1. Solid move by ditching the 'Space...that place is a dump. Do it DL.

  2. i really like that your interests include merlot, pinot, and cab but your forgot my dear friend the red zinfandel. not the white! just the red. and turn your comment mod off! =) love you!