Saturday, November 15, 2008

College Football Saturday

On a Saturday which features what has been described by pretty much everyone as a fairly pedestrian slate of college football games, Oregon State and Cal are doing pretty much nothing to debunk the national perception that no one in the Pac plays defense. South Carolina is doing nothing to refute that this college football season is nothing more than a coronation of Florida, and Michigan has (once again) proven that they are the worst Michigan team in the school's history. Ho hum.

ADDENDUM: USC offense looking shitty. Again. When are people going to figure out that Mark Sanchez is not that good? Bigger problem: defense is joining them in looking shitty.

SUNDAY ADDENDUM: At least special teams sacked up and kept us in it until the offense could get it together.

1 comment:

  1. How can you talk about College Football and not talk about The Florida State University?!?!

    ADDENDUM: They were wearing their black uni's so, not surprisingly, they lost. You know my feelings about those god-forsaken threads. Please Bobby, DITCH THE BLACK!!!