Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GigaOM Post on iphone Competitor

Microsoft Phone Is Like Lipstick on a Pig

While I agree with pretty much everything this writer has to say, I really hope she's wrong. As you all know (or should), I hate any and all things mac. Furthermore, I hate almost all people who are pro-mac. I am a PC bigot.

My biggest problem is that a vast majority of people who swear by macs, are technologically illiterate but think that they're very cutting-edge because they have a mac. It has made the personal computer, a useful tool when used properly, an accessory to morons. If you do not cut video or music or design graphics (and most of your pro-mac people do not), there is no reason to have a mac.

This sentiment carries over to all mac products (ipod, iphone...whatever). I am an AT&T subscriber (GSM > CDMA), and it irritates me to no end that the first thing they did when I switched was try to cram an iphone down my throat on the basis that it's their best selling phone. Guess what? I'm not a lemming. I'm not biting. Give me my Windows Mobile 6 handset with full data package. Thanks. And how many of those androgynous trendy emo scenester turds that you sold those phones to even know what a 3G network is? I need the advanced data services for work...not to look cool.

However, I love my job, as never before have I been even remotely this technologically literate. We're after a wireless content company as a new client prospect, and I'm pumped. I want this account.

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