Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michelle "Mu Shu" Moshy

PF Chang's may not get my business again, though not necessarily through any fault of their own. (Other than the shitty excuse for "Chinese" food and horrendous prices, but that's a different deal.) I just got back from lunch with best friend: college version. No, we did not get hammered on this occasion...that photo is for illustrative purposes only but gives a good indication that some sort of chaos is to ensue.

This is mu shu chicken, which is what we ordered but not at all what it looked like. Our waitress wrapped it to look more like this, which is not a big deal...until they fall apart.

SCENE: table at PF Chang's Thousand the dark (more on that in a second)

Michelle takes bite, contents of mu shu burrito wrap thing spill all over onto plate

Michelle looks at Dale with angry face (angry face is key), and says,

" burrito just shat on my plate."

Dale attempts to keep eating but is unable to as he laughs and spits food all over the place.


This is 100% true, and it just happened. Why were we sitting in the dark? Well...the great "city" of Thousand Oaks has difficulty keeping the power on. Good to know it's not just on the block on which my office is located.

Anyway, this presented a giant dilemma for our mu shu deficient waitress, as it is/was apparently her policy to confiscate drinks as soon as customers had taken more than one sip out of them and bring new ones. Well, with no power, the soft drink machine was obviously not functioning, so she freaked out and apologized like 15 times when our drinks were halfway finished.

I really am not bitching at PF Chang's for the power outage or even the drink policy, as the service was actually quite good. But anything known as a "China Bistro" is a serious red flag. Bistro is a French word that indicates "
a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting." So, then, this is a French word in the name of a Chinese restaurant that is heinously overpriced for the food you get. Oh yeah, and the place is giant. So I don't know who this PF Chang character is, but he's a liar. And if you're going to go by your initials, please have better initials than PF. Honestly.

(And before any of you post that I'm a dumbass for going there if I'm just going to complain, I had a giftcard, so save it.)

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