Friday, November 21, 2008

Datsun Driving Black Magic Eeeeeeevil Motha...

In my possession right now, I have a postcard from these guys that says the following.


Our records indicate that you may have an open
recall campaign on your vehicle.
Please come by at your earliest convenience
to have this important safety campaign
performed at no charge.

I have the following issues with this scenario.
  1. You don't KNOW if there is a recall or not?
  2. Is this something important, like my car might self destruct?
  3. If it is (or even if it's not), you're sending me a bootleg postcard in snail mail?
  4. I am supposed to come in at my earliest convenience?
So, basically, this is either (a.) not a big deal which they could catch on my next routine maintenance appointment or (b.) a big deal and they're lying to me. I'll find out tomorrow. And if you don't hear from me again, sue Nissan because my car self destructed with me in it. Someone should be able to cash in on this even if I can't.

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