Monday, November 17, 2008

Continuing Crusade Against Myspace

subj: done with this site...

i'm done with this site...if y'all want to catch up with me, hit me on facebook, e-mail me at, or of you just want to cyberstalk, i'm making it easy with
i would imagine anyone who would read this already has my phone number, but if not, drop me an e-mail and i'll make sure i get it to you.

take care,


This is the bulletin I posted today on myspace. My timeframe for eliminating myself from that Web 2.0 low rent district is still TBD, but everyone has been put on notice. I have already received my e-mail with the steps to finish 86ing my profile, so I will probably give it a couple days so that people can read my bulletin and collect my info if they feel so inclined. But now, for all intents and purposes...I gone. Good thing I took time out of working to write this. Synchronous Ethernet can wait.

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