Thursday, March 12, 2009

Helloooooooo PRSA!

As a product of nepotism a strategic decision by the communications chair, I am now linked in the blogroll of the Los Angeles Chapter's Young Professionals group to add some color amid the serious links. That's right, folks. My good friend and fellow Trojan has decided that my blog belongs amid all the serious links and industry news.

This new PRSA link may double my readership and take it to...I dunno...maybe even double digits. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For those of you YP rogues who do wander onto this, here's a rough sketch of the kinds of inane ramblings you can expect.

Sports: I'm a former D1 athlete bench jockey, a fan and a coach. Baseball is my game (and since it's high school baseball season, you will see numerous posts about my freshman team at Crespi Carmelite HS), but I am an equal opportunity fan unless it's soccer. I hate soccer.

Things/People that Suck: The following have all been covered in previous posts: giving up drinking for Lent, "word" verifications, drunk drivers who drill parked cars, obnoxious people in restaurants, Dave & Busters in Ontario, local utilities in Thousand Oaks, myspace, etc.

Things that are Underrated: Thermos bottles, shoe polish, cruise control....I'm really long overdue for another post in this category...probable future topics: college baseball, the Netherlands World Baseball Classic team, technology in SOUTHERN California. Stay tuned.

Random Technology Acronyms/Facts: Multiprotocol label switching, transient voltage suppressors...these are the kinds of things I do for a living and are tied to the accounts on which I work. should probably skip them.

Other than that, it's pretty much my own take on my own life as a young professional. Hope it's interesting/entertaining to some of you guys. If you're looking for deep insights, hit the back button on your browser and then check another link. If you're just looking for something to deep fry me about on facebook or linkedin or at the next mixer, here you go.

ADDENDUM: Should you stumble onto Earl Weaver post, turn your speakers down if you are in the office because the dialog is definitely NSFW.


  1. I thought "that's how you (blog)roll?"

  2. haha...good looking out, pops. hopefully my readership expands past you and me.

  3. You, me and my other son Topher--he's probably bored, must be spring break haha

  4. The strategic decision was that you are a YP member who is actively blogging! (And, sometimes it's actually about your daily life as a young PR professional.)