Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Century Club

In honor of this occasion, my hundredth post, I wanted to do something to give a shout out to those brave souls who made up my readership for this first hundred posts. I, of course, have no idea who reads unless said individuals leave comments, so if you browsed through but never left a're assed out. Leave a comment next time.

Additionally, there are major recurring characters in this blog, so I will point them out and give a brief overview of what makes them pertinent to the DL.

First of all, my readership:

Anderson, Kim: sister of Anderson, Cheryl (also a DL loyalist but with no comments); known/referred to simple as "magic show," as she talks a big game about showing the magic to anyone who will listen but primarily to Toph

Barbarino, Tim: brother status; old buddy who has run with the DL since high school and the days of Burbstank and the canyon; common thread between the DL and princess (his cousin)

Davis, Topher: brother from norMinn; being forced to deserve at the hand of law school out in the IE while living with the Hoser; does not have a couch (lives with patio furniture in his living room)

Hirsh, Matt: close friend from growing up with whom the DL shares brother status as well; was a groomsman in his wedding to...

Hirsh, Stef: giant fan of the DL (as the DL is of her)

Hussein, Adam: Toph's roommate; the Hoser, continuous victim of racial profiling at Dave & Busters in Ontario, Calif.

Kramer, Sally: another blogger and friend of Cheryl and magic show; bonded over concurrent car-related issues

Kruska, Katy: elder sister of former high school teammate/good friend; mother of Jophes and Emily. (If you don't know who Jophes and Emily are, then you need to educate yourself.)

Legaspi, Gene: dad; has achieved rock star status among friends of the DL, and is the #1 fan and #1 source of comments for the DL. Shares all updates with...

Legaspi, Pam: mom; also a rock star among the friends...just picks up DL updates from dad

Mathers, Crissy: cousin and avid blogger/cyber stalker - love you, cuz!

Moshy, Michelle: best friend from college; always a phenomenal partner for a session of o & r

Schwartz, Emily: good friend and fellow Trojan PR alum; the PR rock star from Golin Harris in charge of the PRSA young professionals blog and one who made the "strategic decision" to add the DL into the blogroll

Welch, Jennifer: see "Kramer, Sally"

That should cover the readership. Now, we drill into the cast of characters that makes up the content.

Alcantara, Christine: declared PR sister in school, transferred to SC from the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, Minn. (no joke)

Clark, Nick: old high school buddy and current head coach of freshman team; also known as Grant; other half of "The Last Call" two-man guitar jam show

Hillman, Catherine: fake wife; high school friend of college best friend Moshy, Michelle; has yet to be featured in postings but will be prominent factor upon move

Ishak, Amanda: declared PR sister in school

Jordt, Mike: old high school and coaching buddy; current assistant coach at LA Pierce; can typically be found drinking with fellow coaches Clark and Legaspi

O'Sullivan, Annette: new roommate in east Ventura; owner of Spuds

O'Sullivan, Frankie: Annette's dog; referred to in the blog as Spuds (because the DL failed to remember his real name)

To all of you who endured through my idiotic ramblings for these first 100 posts, thank you, and hopefully you enjoyed them and will come back. To anyone I may have missed, I apologize profusely. Hit me with a comment, and I will definitely add you all in.

In an absolutely egregious oversight, I missed the one and only person here who had an entire entry devoted to her.

Brici, Paula: virtual coworker with whom I spend a portion of the day chatting with on IM to stay sane; a true PR rock star and a friend and mentor to me; also get major brownie points from the DL for being the only coworker who reads the entries and keeps tabs on how the baby Celts are doing

Milan, Neil: best friend high school version; something of a phantom reader of the DL, claims to read but never leaves comments; busy with his misadventures in the south trying to get his PhD; clearly has zero sense of priority in life

Reimers, Nicole: soon to not be Reimers, Nicole; wedding in June in Texas; has "put up with [the DL's] shit for eight years now...yeah, eight years"; blog mooch (frequent reader, never commenter...unless it's to whine about not getting a shout-out)

There! You happy now?! Now send me my reading, lest I screw it up at your wedding! ;)


  1. Nice blog entry. Shouts out to the following readers: Barbarino-what's up son long time no hear, Davis- yo' couch, now purify yourself, Hirshs- I hope married life is treating you well, Katy K- Jophes is precious, Crissy- love you, Michelle- hi daughter, Nick- go get 'em Coach Clark, Catherine- don't talk to the enemy before our game Miss Hillman, Mike- Cal? Really? and Annette- good luck with that new roommate, if you have any problems call me--I still have some influence on the kid (little as it might be) haha

  2. As the Temptations said in their song "Ball of Confusion"...Rock on brother...Rock on

  3. This was a nice blog and I'm glad you decided to go last name first. Now I just have to figure out how to seperate my idenity from being "the sister" rather than just "the magic." Even though I know you don't believe in magic.

  4. Congratulations! So happy to be a part of this day in history!! :)

  5. you forgot me! :-) Your PR sister from the South (SouthOC that is)

  6. egregious oversight by the DL...i apologize 1,000 times and have remedied the situation :)

  7. I feel another apology in the works for forgetting the OG that started it all.How you forget the Trojan and The-rapist? :o)

  8. Holla atcha boy. As far as Pops, "Challenge him! I dare you, but make sure your peoples is there, cause you might get embarrassed."

    Also, I'm sure Pops is already on top of this and already has a copy, but Prince had a new album (a 3-CD set) come out this week. Available exclusively at Target (also reppin' Minnesota). Holler!

  9. how dare you call me a stalker! =)

    ps: TFS

  10. TFS, indeed...always the answer. Milk's in the oven.