Sunday, March 15, 2009

Freshman Report: 500

Beautiful number...and can be used to describe our record after a 10-4 W at Thousand Oaks Saturday. If was a little dicey for a while, as we did the usual kick it around and throw it away on defense, but once we woke the bats up, there was no shot they were catching us.

For freshmen, these kids bang...seriously. I saw a couple balls hit Saturday that guys in varsity lineups can't barrel up to as well as these kids. There isn't anyone in the lineup that I would consider a soft out, and there are a handful who can steal bases like it's their job.

Good stuff going on this week...taking a half day off of work on Wednesday for the big away showdown against the Fighting Hillmans Seraphs of St. Bonaventure. Hopefully in between leaving work at noon and heading to St. B for the game, I am picking up the Amazin'. Then on Saturday, it gets even more interesting, as Coach Clark has an interview with the LAFD and can't make the game, so I get the league opener at Loyola by myself. Back to giving signs and coaching 3B. This is going to be a gong show, but I'm such a control freak...I love it.

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  1. Coach Legaspi- Your kids did really well on Saturday. I definitely agree with your hitting analysis. As you know, I sat in the outfield and saw some shots hit out there all day. Good aggressive approach on the base paths too. I would suggest that Coach Clark and you consider leading Morton off as he appeared to have the best strike zone recognition and discipline. Good approach at the plate and being a switch hitter could make a tremendous offensive weapon. He seems to run the bases well and may be able to turn up your small ball game with an occasional bunt. Good luck against team Hillman, I'm sure there will be alot of trash talk. I hope to be there to join in the festivities. Also, good luck handling the team on Saturday vs Loyola. They're in the shadow of your alma mater, so you should be able to convince the kids to always compete and FIGHT ON! I hope to be there too. Egg egg