Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best of Craigslist

This site has given so much to me...just in the past couple months. Exhilaration, aggravation, consternation...etc. You get the point. It got me into my current living situation and is now getting me out of said living situation and into a new one. But there is also the best of this greatness.

The Best of Craigslist is something that everyone should be aware of. Here is an example. Those of you who are savvy Web 2.0 people and/or work contacts, already know I have posted this on my profile there or have seen it elsewhere. Those of you who haven't...well...this is one of the best pieces ever written. It should be mandatory reading for every person on the face of the planet.

The sad thing is, the "vacuous" people with heads as "empty as [their souls]" will never figure out this post is about them. Also, they are not among my readership. Anyway, to those of you who are, enjoy this and the other greatness that is Craigslist, and I will be off reminiscing how I have lived what is described here and having nightmares about "Freddy Paws Jr" clawing at my eyeballs. Good night.

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