Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Acronym - from Semtech

TVS - Transient Voltage Suppressor - "a general classification of an array of devices that are designed to react to sudden or momentary overvoltage conditions"

At the chip level, these guys make the best available. It has a faster response time and lower clamping voltage than competing solutions. Basically, if you have a transient threat (electrical spike of some sort caused by static electricity/lightning/plugging in), this thing can clamp down on it before that shock can pulse its way through your system and fry every chip on every board in it.

Think about it as if someone held one end of a rope and you shook the other end up and down to create a wave. To stop that wave, someone grabs the rope and pulls tight, thus clamping it. That's essentially what this thing does, except it is taking "transient" electrical charges and grounding them before they can reverberate through the system to scorch it.

I realize no one reading this really cares, and y'all are just waiting for me to have some smartass comment or punchline associated, but when you ask what I do at work or how work was or any derivation of a work-related question, the answer is that I write about this kind of technology. This is my new account. Go Semtech! (Nasdaq: SMTC)

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