Monday, January 26, 2009

Explanation Time...

So the context for my conversation with Stef last night was that I went over to have dinner with her and Matt. Matt cooked turkey sliders, which were phenomenal. Thanks again for dinner, bro (since you are one of about three people who actually reads this thing). So the three of us (along with McSweyn, who was also present) got into the typical male-female debate, with Stef making the astute observation that she was severely outnumbered. In fairness to me, I was not on some sort of misogynistic tirade (this time). I was merely making an observation.

From this, of course, we got into an aside on my [lack of] relationship status and why I am the perennial single guy that doesn't necessarily walk/talk/act like it all the time. (I do enough of the time for her to diagnose my "self-medicating," but I digress.) The scenario she offered me, which I found quite thought-provoking, was that a friend of her best friend/maid of honor (who is a wonderful, beautiful girl as well...they travel in packs, apparently) is about as fed up with guys as I am with girls. Normally, I would cringe at the thought of the whole matchmaker thing and being to consummate pessimist/cynic I am, I would see an impending calamity fraught with awkwardness and general horror. I see no such thing in this scenario. Two reasons.

1. This is Stefanie. She knows me better than any of the significant others of any of my friends. She knows me better than my friends at times. She knows me better than me at times. Stubbornness, cynicism and all. She understands. She wouldn't do it if she didn't think it had at least a fighting chance.

2. Said friend is apparently a couple years older than me. Not that this matters, as age isn't always indicative of anything, really, but I have found that climbing the age ladder can yeild great results when looking for a straight shooter. A couple more years adds some perspective and a clearer idea of what one wants.

Does the context ever surface in which this isn't just a flat out, blatant setup (which would probably make it awkward)? Who knows. But fact remains, the dialogue between Stef and me continues, and as it does, she continues to solidify in my mind, that she knows me arguably better than anyone else I know. She brings a different perspective, and I love it. Matt...way to go, my snagged a great one.

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