Friday, January 23, 2009

Geek News of the Day

Lots of "Of the Day" posts today. This one comes from of my favorite sites EVER.

Billy Beane's video game pitch: You, too, can be a baseball GM

Posted by: Daniel Terdiman

OAKLAND, Calif.--For the countless of devotees of rotisserie and fantasy baseball, there's a whole new game in town.

On Tuesday, 2K Sports will release its MLB Front Office Manager, and for those addicted to the stat-heavy pastime of running fantasy leagues, being a Major League Baseball general manager may never get closer.

The new game--which is unlike any baseball video game I've ever seen--has perhaps the perfect pitchman, Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane. For those not familiar with him, the game probably won't mean much, since as the main subject of Michael Lewis' hit book, Moneyball, Beane has long been considered the most cerebral and efficient guy putting contending baseball teams on the field.

There is no end to the roster of baseball video games that pay homage to the complexities of building a team from the ground up. They have mechanisms for relying on stats to determine which players are best in different kinds of situations--and many have had the endorsement of real-life players and the blessing of big league baseball.

But MLB Front Office Manager isn't like any of them. (more)

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