Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sarah's Top 10

I was going to propose that she submit this as a guest blogger again, but I just posted it myself instead. Here are her top 10 quotes, noises or otherwise obnoxious things the DL says/does repeatedly. Brief DL commentary included for each.

10. You gone. <--also, "You can put it on the booooooooooooard, YES."
9. Wastey (especially when followed by "That is all.") <--usually in a text
8. F-ck my couch. <--or anyone else's
7. Zoo/Circus <--put a tent over it
6. Tie between brrrrrdb and there's that. < contest, so there's that
5. Wear it. <--tried and true
4. Good for you. <--we appreciate what you're doing
3. Fire drill <--closely tied to zoo/circus
2. Trrrrrrble <--like my blog
1. Jaaayyss<--courtesy of Grant...gotta cite my source


  1. "Good for you" and "Trrrrrrble" make the top four. Weird.

  2. citation for both: my brother