Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Nostalgia

Last night as I was searching around on the Internet, I stumbled upon the Web site of one Nick Fera. Now, as you all know, I am a terrible novice guitarist, and what many of you probably don't know, I was in a band once. Don't get excited. It was the 2005-2006 school year when I worked at Crespi, and we were the house band/soundtrack to student life--The Bungalows (named for our practice facility). I played the bass because it was handed to me two days before the first event of the year. (Thanks, Coach Muck.)

What I did in this band was irrelevant. What Dom (keyboard), Tony (rhythm guitar) and Coach Muckey (drums) did in this band was irrelevant. The guy who carried us was our lead guitarist (a senior at the time), the aforementioned Nick Fera. Anyway, young Mr. Fera let me know that he is now in a jazz fusion-ish type group called ChromoSphere. They're legit, and as soon as I get word that they're playing a show locally, I am there.

However, I don't know that they really give you a feel for just how well Nick plays a guitar, so check these sound clips from his site. I'm partial to Little Wing (weird) and Long Hard Ride (because it was part of the Bungalows set list).

"All Along the Watchtower" (I think this is the cover U2 did)
"Little Wing" (Jimi Hendrix)
"4 on 6" (Wes Montgomery)
"Long Hard Ride" (Toy Caldwell)

Nick Fera...great musician, and even better dude. Keep up with him on his sites, and the DL will continue to post and tweet with updates on Nick and ChromoSphere.

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