Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Link

We all have experiences with this. Here is a collection of not just e-mails, but voicemails and all other modes of communication. Here is a direct link to one snippet of the insanity. It's in an e-mail exchange touched off by a letter describing neighbors' complaints about hearing a dog in his apartment.

Money Quote: No. I have a goldfish but due to the air conditioner in my apartment being stuck on a constant two degrees celcius, the water in its bowl is iced over and he has not moved for a while so I do not think he is capable of disturbing the neighbours. The ducks in the bathroom are not mine. The noise which my neighbours possibly mistook for a dog in the apartment is just the looping tape I have of dogs barking which I play at high volume while I am at work to deter potential burglars from breaking in and stealing my tupperware. I need it to keep food fresh. Once I ate leftover chinese that had been kept in an unsealed container and I experienced complete awareness. The next night I tried eating it again but only experienced chest pains and diarrhoea.

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