Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GUEST BLOGGER: Things that are Underrated: A Female Perspective


"I jotted down a few things that are underrated to women--there are, of course, many, many others, and once I started, I thought of a bunch more, but these seemed fitting with the overall tone and subject matter of The DL from DL (bt dub this is evidence that I am a nerd in love with words who is worried about audience awareness and shifts in tone). So, here you go..."

Toilet Seat Covers:

Not that you are really going to use one because, really, it’s only a thin layer of paper separating you from the filth of the toilet seat, but it is nice to have the option. Without a seat cover, you are left to a) manufacture your own from pieces of toilet paper or b) hover. Of course, most of us ladies begin to master the art of hovering as soon as we’re tall enough to execute the maneuver, but depending on the condition of the facilities (and our own condition—especially when frequenting the restroom at a neighborhood drinking establishment) the hover becomes a little bit more dicey, which leads me to my second underrated item…

Purse Hooks/Shelves:

These little beauties are in most women’s bathroom stalls and even available under the lip of some bars, but when they are MIA, things become much more difficult. Imagine trying to balance, probably in heels, with a clutch (a small bag with no strap/handle) [Editor's note: this is an outstanding use of a parenthetical explanation, since "clutch" means something different to DL readers.] in your hand while reaching for some t.p. Not pretty. But, there is no way in hell that bag is going to touch the ground. No effing way—I’m not sure how many germs/bacteria are on a bathroom floor, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want a single one of them to touch the bag that I will then carry under my arm for the rest of the night.

The other place a purse hook comes in handy is at a bar when the object of the night is to do a little of what DL often refers to as “recruiting” and what I’ll call “talent scouting.” Yes, the right purse is a fabulous and important accessory, but the ability to gesture to, mingle with, and even touch possible prospects free of baggage is integral to a woman’s ability to discern what type of talent is in the room. Take notice, bag hooks—overlooked and underrated.

Extra Hair Tie:

In your car, your gym bag, your desk...the extra hair tie to put your hair up for a post-work workout, for the drive home, or for a hot/stressful afternoon at work is a must. Plus, the moment you discover that you do indeed possess said hair tie is full of bliss and relief. You don’t know how valuable that hair tie is until you don’t have one handy.


  1. The very first post carrying the tag of "grammar snobbery," and it's a winner! Nice to get a fresh take on The DL.

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