Friday, June 19, 2009

First (Brief) Stop

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas:

Not much notable has happened so far, but in case you have a morning flight out of LAX, keep in mind that 5 a.m. is the TSA shift switch, so you will experience a holdup there. No worries for me, as I had plenty of time since the dad taxi was running early, but there were a handful of people in the vicinity who were pissed.

Also, people still try to take full bottles of water through security. First time flying in freaking 10 years? What are you people thinking? You're stupid, and I'm glad they took your water away and I got to watch you have a conniption about it.

On to the flight...where there was no one on it. The plane was literally less than half full, which was awesome. I had a row to myself for the hour I spent reading Wired, which included an article about the auto industry and and how it needs to follow the telecommunications industry's lead of leaning on innovation from third parties like Transonic Combustion (potential DJA client prospect in Camarillo, Calif.) while naming Alcatel-Lucent among the innovators whose model should be followed. Love it.

More later...gotta board the flight to San Antonio. Later, y'all.

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