Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend in the F Word, etc.

Just got back from Fresno, and it was riveting as always. Come's Fresno. Let's not expect too much. It was good to see Johnson, though, and her softball team is capable of being pretty good. The swung the bats well the two games I saw, and they ran out a couple pretty solid pitchers. Whether or not they develop into an elite team remains to be seen, and it's still unknown how much depth they have. Nonetheless, the Bullard Knights are a promising bunch.

Sidebar: The shortstop is my favorite player. She straight up picks it, has unreal hands and has probably the best feet of any high school infielder I've watched recently--male or female.

So then, it was a weekend of kicking back and not doing much other than drinking, playing guitars and singing lead for the the rock band video game endeavors. I did realize, though, that I do not miss college. The dumpy apartments with the ridiculous people all around...ugh. No thanks.

Speaking of dumpy apartments...I'm getting out of this one. I had previously avoided breaking this news on any platform that could possibly be traced by my roommate (who doesn't know yet), but I stopped caring. I'm going to finish out the 30 days and do this right, but the reality is that I need to get out of here. I'm sure what she's charging me is fair compared to what she's all makes sense based upon what I've seen similar places going for around here, but paying this much to live in this place is just asinine. This is a college-esque apartment. Plain and simple. I'm past that.

(This is not to mention that life has been a freaking comedy of errors since I moved to this place...that's a whole different topic that has been beaten to death in this blog and will continued to be beaten further into the ground for the next month.)

I'm out. I'm done. I've been carpet bombing craigslist in secret the last week, but the story is out now. Prospect-wise, my best hope looks like east Ventura with a girl who relocated from Texas.

However, on the docket for tomorrow after work are a house in Newbury Park, an apartment in Oxnard Shores (aptly named, as it's walking distance from the beach), a house in Camarillo and a townhouse in Simi Valley. Someone there is going to have to come up huge to de-seat Annette in Ventura, though. It's a nice place in a nice neighborhood that i would be sharing with a nice person. All of the aforementioned are orders of magnitude cheaper than this with (hopefully) a nicer end product. West's been real, but I'm moving on.

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