Friday, February 13, 2009

Get my Car Back on the 18th...

...of MARCH. I don't know what in God's name this zero did when he hit my car, but I've gone for being bitter about this to being in a blind rage. I'm without my car because I parked on the street, and this absolute waste of space can't figure out that if there's a car parked against the curb, it's not going to move. You have to avoid it. I've tried to stay level headed through this whole thing...I really have.

But there comes a point when the boundless stupidity of people is unacceptable because it encroaches upon the rest of us. If I saw this guy right now, there is a decent possibility I would punch him in his retarded face. At some point, when I cool off from the shock that this piece of garbage did $8438.49 in damage TO A PARKED CAR, I'll take this post down. Until then, it stays.

ADDENDUM: I lied. I'm not taking this down. Ever.


  1. Thanks for re-evaluating the original content of this blog entry. I think it was the right and prudent thing to do. I hope that Schiros has over-estimated the time it will take them to repair your car. Hopefully things will go smoothly and you'll get the Amazin back before March 18th. You should trust in the fact that Schiros will do an excellent job (they usually do) and that your car will come back to you looking almost new again.

  2. they better...they're going to have it for an effing month