Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Place Power Rankings

1. East Ventura, roommate: Annette
2. Newbury Park, roommate: Brandon

4. Simi Valley, roommate: Janelle
5. Oxnard Shores, roommate: Terri
6. Newbury Park, roommates: Diane, Miko

- Port Hueneme, roommate: Tim

As it stands, the place I went and saw last Friday before the F word journey is the leader. It's the best combination of the pertinent factors: roommate, setup, location. I am a big Annette fan, and her dog is NOT Venus. He's mellow...and looks like Spuds MacKenzie. (More Spuds here, here and here.)

Brandon is a pretty mellow guy with a nice place that is right around the corner from work. The problem? It's right around the corner from work. There is NOTHING to do in this area. There's Borderline, and that's about it. I would have to decide if I'm willing to trek elsewhere to do stuff. Right now, the answer is no.

Omid is probably the best match of a roommate, as he is a drummer. (I think those of you who know me, know how this one works.) However, he is renting out another room to someone with whom I would be sharing a bathroom, which is not the case in the other two places. Additionally, the location has the same issue as Brandon's, but it's a possibility.

The next three in the rankings have been eliminated for various reasons but primarily bad parking situations (Janelle's) to dynamics that I just don't see myself fitting into (Terri's and Diane's). The parking thing is self explanatory, and the gist of the other two is that I would be the loud/obnoxious roommate. I'm not trying to throw ragers in the middle of the week or anything, but I would feel awkward sneezing. No bueno.

The wildcard round includes two places I have yet to see. The one in Port Hueneme is right on the freaking ocean, and I'd be living with a CSUCI student. He seems cool at the first glance, but I'll see when I meet him tonight. The other place is with two people, which I'm guessing, means I would be sharing a bathroom. I need to check with her, but if that's the case, there is probably no shot I even go out there to see it.

Anyway, there it is. I'll probably have a decision by tonight. It pretty much hinges on the requirements for this place in Pt. Hueneme. If it's a good fit, and I can move in April 1, it could be a done deal. Then comes the actual moving...which is the part that sucks.

ADDENDUM: Update from midday. Decided that I am eliminating shared bathroom options. Shared bath in Ventura place.

- Ventura, roommates: Lisa, Josh
3. Camarillo, roommates: Omid, Alfredo

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