Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm in the Right Place...

10 Jobs for Boisterous People

Your whole life, you've been told you are a "people person." You smile at everyone and can talk to anyone, and social gatherings are your favorite pastime.

Indeed, you are no stranger to group interaction; in fact, you thrive on it. Your worst nightmare is sitting in a cubicle, talking to no one but yourself all day long, in a job that utilizes only your typing skills. So why let your fantastic people skills go to waste in a job where you can't be yourself or make use of your strengths?

So which jobs are best-suited for social butterflies? Here are 10 jobs that will accommodate your personality:*

1. Public relations specialist (more)

That's right, kiddies...I'm in the #1 field for boisterous people. Word.

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