Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is NOT...

...the appropriate place to be holding a conversation.
Am I missing something? Barking into a cell phone to your buddy when trying to figure out "so what's going on tonight, bro?"

I dunno dude...can I call you back when I do not have my hand on my penis while standing entirely too close to another man? (Cramped men's room is another issue with this building.) Seriously, though, gents...isn't there an unspoken urinal etiquette?

Don't stand at the urinal right next to another guy if there is another free one available. Sometimes that close of proximity is necessary, but if it's not, don't do it. Also, don't start a conversation with the guy at an adjacent urinal. Handle your business and get out. If you're feeling chatty, pull up at an adjacent sink while y'all are washing up and converse there. Other than that, a head nod or quick hi in passing is all the correspondence that is necessary in the restroom.

Please...for the betterment of everyone's excretory experience, do not be that guy.


  1. From Jon Brewster in the restroom at USD, "Dale, I took a piss right next to your Dad!" HILARIOUS, but TMI.