Saturday, December 6, 2008

Uninspiring Day of College Football

Florida pulled away even without Percy Harvin, and Mizzou is horrid, so we have to watch Chokelahoma piss away another title game. Without the benefit of Gable's fumble, fucla would not have scored. Oh well. At least we got the W, however boring it was.

On to a happier topic: party time. Headed to the new Casa de 'Stine for some holiday cheer. Ugly sweaters/inappropriate garb mandatory. Alcohol provided. Stupidity (and photographic evidence) to ensue. Love it!

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  1. How can you write off Saturday as an "[u]ninspiring day of college football" after the University of Minnesota-Duluth absolutely throttled California (Pa.) sending the team to its first ever NCAA Division II Championship Game appearance? The Bulldogs are the only college football team in the nation with 14 wins and will be looking to run it to 15 next Saturday on ESPN2.

    Look at that run and tell me that there is no place for playoffs in Division I-A, er, FBS.

    Go Bulldogs!*500/3umd1207_bw.jpg