Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Blog Subscription

TechCrunch...despite the fact that they have demonstrated that they hate PR people. This is a great site for consumer electronics, and in fairness, they have a legit bitch with the chick that they deep fried today. Granted, sending out a Samsung monitor pitch to PhoneScoop...not a good plan in any context. Blaming the fact that it went to the entire CES press list...digging the whole deeper.

While it would smart for CES to segment their media list somehow, in the absence of them doing so, the onus falls on the PR person to pick out the pertinent targets and send pitches accordingly. The sheer magnitide of that show makes it unmanageable for everyone involved if every pitch goes to everybody. That is just asinine.

This also points directly to a fundamental question in media today: What is the role of the blogosphere? This is Web 2.0. Information communism. Viral marketing. Pick all the buzz words and descriptions you want, but how do PR people and bloggers coexist without wanting to kill each other? Blogs are different from dying "traditional" media, so how do pitches differ? It's easy to dogpile on bad pitches, and there are plenty of them, but what constitutes a good one? Interesting questions...interesting times. I would be fascinated to hear feedback from everyone on this.

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