Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fortune Cookie

Dinner w/ Mosh at Mongolian in C Town...quote list and commentary to follow:

"This coming Friday will be an exciting time for you." I promised a quote list, but all I remember were my two gems about my car having the measles (because a tree dropped a bunch of crap on it and it had crazy spots everywhere) and about how there was no way Mongolian BBQ could be authentic (because no tribe of nomadic people was going to cruise around northern China with a freaking giant iron plate).

The humor in the fortune clearly links to prom this Friday night, which will be an adventure. Post-prom drinking at Robby's house one of the local bars (probably Dargan's...who's kidding who?) will include Mosh and Jordty. This is going to be a solid evening.

In other news, work is making me deserve, so updates have been few and far between. I apologize. Especially, since there is the story of last Saturday and me almost taking the first ejection of my coaching career. I was right. The umpire was wrong. I kind of wish I had gotten tossed now, because that zero actually admitted it after the fact. He could have spent the back end of that game knowing he ran me for being right. Garbage.

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