Sunday, April 19, 2009


I really can't use the move as an excuse anymore, so I suppose my lack of blogging activity has been the product of negligence. Quick update, but I'm feeling lazy and don't want to really elaborate. The team is doing well overall, but I still have yet to see us win since Thousand Oaks. We're hitting a little better, but we just find more new and creative ways to cough up games. On the up side, Coach Clark gave me a stay of execution...for at least another week. I just need to find a voodoo doll before Notre Dame next Saturday.

Speaking of that game, we may have a verifiable army of fans. Catherine, Princess, Sarah and Cheryl have all given at least a soft verbal to show up. Cannot wait to hear what kinds of questions the four of them get from all of our players' mothers in the stands. That will be interesting a debacle.

On a related note, I am still wandering the labyrinth. I haven't officially been fed to the minotaur yet, but I'm definitely still just wandering. Oh well.

Work is fascinating...lots of account turnover, so I'm rolling ALU Services, Eltek Valere, Fulcrum Microsystems and Guidance Software with an eye toward Mobicip and hoping some new business stuff falls our way soon. Busy times.

The car situation is a fiasco...I got the runaround the first time and was told that I just needed new tires. Wrong answer, Frank. I got four new ones, and my car is still making that obnoxious noise for which I HAVE ALREADY BROUGHT IT BACK IN ONCE (only to be told I needed new tires). Hope you're ready to chat with me tomorrow morning and explain to me why you can't get this right. I've been more than patient, Frank. Your people are sick of seeing me, and I'm sick of not having my car in the condition it should be in. Just get it back to me and get it right. I'm not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary. I'm just asking to you do...*gasp*...your job.

Other than that, I have spent a good chunk of my weekend sitting on my porch in a canvas chair playing the guitar. I am not looking forward to tomorrow, but the rest of the week shouldn't be too tragic. Hopefully, this is not a case of "famous last words." We shall see. Have a good week, everyone!

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