Sunday, April 3, 2011

No, it's Not a Late April Fool's Joke

It really is me...I'm blogging...kind of. Just to catch you up on things, my NCAA basketball bracket went down in flames. Kentucky getting to the Final Four probably saved me from finishing in last place at my office. Oh well. Other than that, work is pretty solid.

The Pilots have finally shown some signs of life and are sitting at 6-3 going into the second round of league games that we might actually get to play because it seems to have stopped raining finally. Seriously. It's stupid up here. No way should there be water falling out of the sky for as prolonged a period of time as has been the case here.

Oh yeah. My car got totaled. Here are the pictures:

Yes...that is a fire hydrant laying in the ground, and yes, it is laying on the ground because my motor vehicle struck it.

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