Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey! Remember me?!

It's ok if you don't...I totally understand. Half the time, I don't even remember me at this point, but the quick and dirty of what has been going on in DL land is that work is taking me behind the woodshed, and I'm trying to get out and coach as much as I can, but the shitty nocal weather is not cooperating.

However, since blogging and computer activities are best performed indoors, I have put together a site for the SJND baseball program. The roster pages will get a little more elaborate as I have more content, and once I have someone to take pictures, we will have some of those too.

Join the party. Subscribe to the blog. Follow the Twitter. Go Pilots!

(Also, for those of you who are into the reasons behind everything ever, I changed the color scheme on this blog when Pilots baseball activities started.)

1 comment:

  1. Kudos on the change in color scheme, now, if only the weather would cooperate so that you can get the season started.