Friday, December 17, 2010

FF Playoff Update - Round 2

And we continue in the semis. And since I know you guys love it, here's some more Jim Mora.

1. Hoya Paranoia
5. Bitzy's Bashers

2. CotonHeadedNinyMugin
3. Probation Nation

Brady (vs. Packers)

Johnson (@ Titans)
Fitzgerald (@ Panthers)
Branch (vs. Packers)

Rice (vs. Saints)
McCoy (@ Giants)
Moreno (@ Raiders)

Pettigrew (@ Bucs)

Bryant (@ Seahawks)

Pittsburgh (vs. Jets)

Game Notes:
  • Coincidentally neither team has any starter playing on a day other than Sunday. Thursday and Monday night games will have no impact on the outcome this week.
  • The NinyMugins lost out on more than 55 points, as Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson absolutely torched the 49ers Thursday night, combining for three TD passes.
  • Pittsburgh's defense will be without its best player (and former Trojan), Troy Polamalu--a fact that will be mitigated only by the fact that it's opponent is (former Trojan), Mark Sanchez, who has developed a bad habit of throwing the ball to the wrong team over the last couple weeks.
  • Upon further review, NinyMugin receiver DeSean Jackson is still a huge douche.
  • Speaking of douches, Titans CB Cortland Finnegan may get his ass kicked (again) by Nation receiver Andre Johnson resulting in both players getting ejected (again). Just get your numbers first, Dre.
  • This is the second round of the playoffs. You kiddin me?!

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