Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fantasy Football Update - Week Whatever

I've been bad about updating this, but Probation Nation is 4-2 and awaiting the outcome of Monday Night Football to see if it will be able to escape with a win against a struggling team. If history is any indication, PN will be 4-3 with all three losses coming to the bottom third of the EPR standings.

Ray Rice, my first rounder, has been an absolute abortion this season. He's too good and has too many tools not to break out of it eventually...right? He's been the third best back on my team. Unacceptable. I was projected to get about a 104 points out of my team this week. I didn't even break 70. If not for Knowshon Moreno's garbage touchdowns in a route at the hands of the Raiders (yes...the RAIDERS), my team wouldn't even have broken 50.

I think the most frustrating thing about FF is that I'm used to coaching. You can tweak and make adjustments along the way. Here, you set your lineup and hope for the best. It's complete and utter powerlessness. But I guess you do have control over some drafting Ray Rice.

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