Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm on a train!

So it's not quite up to par with being on a boat, but in the ongoing process of acclimating myself to living in the bay area, I feel as though I have pretty much mastered BART. Thanks, in no small part to @BARTAdventures, my weekend included a couple trips to the city. After work Thursday night, I caught my train at Fruitvale and ducked off at Montgomery to meet up with her for drinks. After a minor detour (because I'm a moron and went the wrong way), I strolled up to the Irish Bank and had a couple black and tans.

About the time I was finishing drink #2, @kellymatney dropped me a text to let me know she was done with dinner and heading out to meet us. Jackie made the call that we would hit up Katana-Ya for some ramen and Sapporo. Kelly joined us, and after some issues with chopsticks, napkins and a couple appearances from the awkward turtle, we walked Kelly back to her hotel, Jackie to her bus stop, and I hit Powell Street to head home.

Friday at work sucked.

I should have taken a nap before Friday night, but c'est la vie. After an awkwardness-driven dinner excursion with a motley cast of characters that left Kendall and I shaking our heads on more than one occasion, we headed for the city to meet Kelly. This time, we hit up the Thirsty Bear and Kate O'Briens. Other than a creeptastic urban cowboy-looking individual standing at the corner of 1st and Howard, that was uneventful.

Kelly BARTed it over to the east bay today, and we took a quick tour through Alameda before I took her down to silicon valley to @donnamatney's. It was great to see someone from the home half of the state--even if she was up here for a conference. More visitors coming in next weekend...not even sure who all is going to make it. Good thing I have lots of space!


  1. What you got on K.Mat having more interaction with the DL recently than Diddy?

  2. Diddy has been a very busy's that wing? You've been throwing a lot of innings recently...